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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupation Therapy (sometimes referred to as: ‘OT’), is a skilled sector of healthcare which focusses on the use of specialised techniques to help restore, improve and/or maintain the day-to-day abilities of people who possess physical and mental conditions which can have a negative impact on their lives.

Occupational therapists work towards assessing their clients’ individual needs so that a set of clear goals can be established: Once these aims have been set, an occupational therapist will prescribe a series of specialised activities designed to direct their client towards their goals.

Occupational therapy is a broad sphere which encompasses many specialised areas, such as:

• Acute medicine
• Forensic
• Geriatric
• Mental health
• Orthopaedics
• Paediatrics
• Rehab
• Social services
• And many more

Due to the diverse range of specialist areas within the OT realm, occupational therapists can work across a number of different settings, from hospitals to community centres, all the way through to the homes of their clients.

Occupational therapy is a sector of healthcare in which the ability to work closely with people is a crucial skill.

Why should I choose LOT for my OT recruitment needs?

• LOT is an agency which specialises in connecting its clients with suitable OT candidates.
• With over 40 years of combined experience, the team at LOT is both knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to sourcing some of the finest candidates available.
• LOT is governed by the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) and is also present on the Preferred Supplier List (PSL) of multiple councils and NHS trusts.
• Locum OTs can be supplied on short notice.
• Cover for all OT specialities can be supplied.
• Registered clients will be assigned a dedicated consultant, meaning that, when you sign up with LOT, you’ll get expert assistance in finding the best OT candidates for your requirements.
• Importantly, LOT’s rates are remarkably competitive, meaning that you can find high-calibre locum OTs without paying over the odds.

What measures are in place to ensure the quality of LOT’s candidates?

At LOT, we make sure that each and every candidate is carefully assessed, which includes:

• Getting a full employment history
• Checking each potential candidate’s professional qualifications.
• Ensuring that the candidate’s HCPC verification and 8 weekly register checks are completed.
• Identification is reliably confirmed, along with the potential candidate’s immigration status.
• Full health screening and immunisation history checks are carried out.
• References from the potential candidate’s two most recent placements are sourced.

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